Alliance4Girls helps women in the bay area find relief


A mural painted along the Women's Building in the Mission District of San Francisco. Helen Tran/Newsroom by the Bay

Nidhi Kandi, Staff writer

A girl is made uncomfortable at school by a group of boys, but her counselor is busy aiding other students with more academic issues. Her parents aren’t the most supportive either. Where can she go to get help?

Alliance4Girls is an organization that aims to connect women and girls in the Bay Area to services that support their needs, with a wide range of programs that range from athletics to physical and mental health. They have programs that mainly center around sexual harassment prevention, like counseling and education.

Membership and Marketing manager of the organization, Kailin Chou explains, “Each individual knows their body best. They are the ones who are supposed to take control of it, and by sexually harassing them, that sense of ownership [of their body] is essentially taken away.”

Personally, I feel that women and girls should be treated with respect, and also be given control of their own bodies. You are not the one who gets to make that decision, it is not your body, to begin with. This is the type of support that girls are welcomed with at programs run by Alliance4Girls.

Alliance4girls also conducts research on girls in low-income communities and found that a lot of problems that girls have with day-to-day life revolve around social media, and trying to look perfect 24/7. Girls have flaws too, and social media doesn’t define them. Everyone is HUMAN. Yes, even women.

In the bay area, there is not a lot of discrimination, but according to Alliance4girls, in Oakland, girls from low-income families are treated poorly and unfairly. I feel that the amount of money that is in someone’s bank account doesn’t define their value as a person. Girls are already going under the stress of school and having a reputation, they don’t need more drama in their lives.

Maybe someday things will start looking up for us. As Beyoncé once said: Who run the world? Girls.